Recovering files from an unsaved project in Visual Studio

Woke up early this morning and decided to train a little more .Net. Only to find that the project was not available under recent files. In hindsight this is how I think it happened:
  • I worked on an unsaved project without noticing it was unsaved.
  • The machine lost power
  • Windows didn't hibernate properly because the disk was crammed
 Luckily the files where available under Visual Studio 2010\Backup Files and getting my work back was as simple as creating a new project with a new Form with the same name that the old one had and then copy the old stuff into the new files.

So far I like Visual Studio as long as using Java feels equally wrong, why not? (loved to read Groklaws summary of yesterdays filings btw. If it ends the way it is heading now there might even be hope for the Java language.)