Review: repositoryhosting.com 5/5

I've been using repositoryhosting.com since late august last year, and it seems like now is a about time to write a very small review.

The good stuff:
  • Your choice of version control system:
    • Git
    • Mercurial
    • Subversion
  • Filestore with WebDAV included
  • Trac
    Included plugins, selectable on a project by project basis:
    • Agilo
    • Timing and Estimation
    • Discussion Forum
    • Batch Modify Tickets
    • Custom Roadmap
    • Download Releases
    • Markdown Macro
    • Spam Blocker
    • Table of Contents Macro
    • Ticket Importer
    • Wiki Backlinks Macro
    • Workflow Editor
    • Wysiwyg Editor
  • Support for incoming mail
  • Easy backups, both 
    • hosted and
    • easily downloadable (means no lock in)
  • User-friendly frontend lets you easily
    • create new repos, 
    • add users, 
    • administer permissions
    • everything else you need to do
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • The price
    • 2GB for 6$/month
    • 1$/month/additional GBs
I use it for a couple of my spare time projects and I also have a kind of GTD task list in there.

The option to create tickets by mail is also really great. I guess almost every busy person has a couple of use cases for a working automatic mail-to-task-interface.

If you have read everything  carefully so far, you'll see that there is no list of bad stuff. The reason is I haven't found anything yet. (The closest thing I can come up with is if they will manage to stay in business at this price, when everyone else needs to charge more.)  I've only used it for 6 months though, so I might have missed something.