New web site for want

Want, the Delphi build tool I wrote about back in february, has launched a new web site: want-tool.org.

Looks like the new site is mostly geared towards the development of want 2, while I personally would have preferred some fixes to want 0.3.0 :)

Anyway, thanks for the great work you've done so far by giving us want, and I'm looking forward to see if you can make something even better. If want 2 doesn't turn out to be what I want, then I'll maybe patch 0.3.0 myself if i get tired of removing useverbose-statements. Hey, want is not bad (I tried want and finalbuilder in parallel but decided to go with want, because it's easier.)


Why Mandriva isn't perfect

Having used Mandriva for a couple of weeks there's a lot to like about it, like

  • a nice default theme (so you don't have to use a couple of hours just to get rid of the Ubuntu-brown interface
  • KDE done right: KDE looks good in Mandriva. With some other distros it's not hard to understand why people don't like KDE.
  • Suspend/resume just works. Ubuntu broke suspend resume a couple of days before Hardy Heron was released, at least on my machine. (To be honest, I didn't reinstall it from scrath, that might work. But I have reported it on launchpad, and I'm not the only one who've seen this bug.)
  • Elisa media player. It rocks!

However there's also something i miss about ubuntu, most notably:

  • sudo. It just feels smarter than a shared root account. And if I really want to be root, I just write sudo su.
  • Easy to use virtual hosts.
  • Better documentation
I guess Mandriva would be a good all purpose Office and home user OS, but for development I still prefer Ubuntu, if only suspend/resume would work.

Vista: Not ready for my desktop, yet


I've installed Vista on another computer today. Think it's the third time I install Vista on a pc. And this time I got it installed in less than one hour. I expected it to take at least a couple of hours based on my previous experiences, so i was pleasantly surprised.

I even thought about installing Windows Vista on my laptop, but then the PC used several minutes just to install a Microsoft mouse driver from a supplied CD, which led me to the conclusion that Vista isn't quite ready for the desktop yet. At least not my desktop. I also noted that there was a program named "Installshield Update Service Update Manager", and judging by the name, that should be something like update manager on Ubuntu. However it didn't work out of the box. (It pops up some message boxes about Internet Explorer script error.) Seems like someone has tried to copy the automatic update feature from some Linux distro they've seen using vbscript. I really appreciate that this feature is coming to Windows, but it will needs some more polish.(Yup, I know that Windows has automatic upgrades, but thats only for the core operating, and optionally some other Microsoft programs.)

I guess I wont buy Vista if it's not preinstalled on my next PC. And hopefully, by then I can get that PC with preinstalled Linux instead.

Also have a look at this article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/04/14/linux_manual/page2.html, especially the paragraph about missing features in Linux, like "Windows genuine disadvantage", "the Windows pause" etc.