Why Mandriva isn't perfect

Having used Mandriva for a couple of weeks there's a lot to like about it, like

  • a nice default theme (so you don't have to use a couple of hours just to get rid of the Ubuntu-brown interface
  • KDE done right: KDE looks good in Mandriva. With some other distros it's not hard to understand why people don't like KDE.
  • Suspend/resume just works. Ubuntu broke suspend resume a couple of days before Hardy Heron was released, at least on my machine. (To be honest, I didn't reinstall it from scrath, that might work. But I have reported it on launchpad, and I'm not the only one who've seen this bug.)
  • Elisa media player. It rocks!

However there's also something i miss about ubuntu, most notably:

  • sudo. It just feels smarter than a shared root account. And if I really want to be root, I just write sudo su.
  • Easy to use virtual hosts.
  • Better documentation
I guess Mandriva would be a good all purpose Office and home user OS, but for development I still prefer Ubuntu, if only suspend/resume would work.

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