5 minutes well spent: Automatic notification about new information on the web

Todays post is about two techniques to get automatic notifications about new information on the web.

First out is Google's free service "Google Alerts."

Some interesting uses:

  • Get notified when other people write about your company.
  • Get notified when other people write about your competitors.
  • Get notified about what other companies/organizations write. (example: make a search for site:tomra.com.)
  • Follow interesting, but not (yet) very hot technologies. (example: seam wicket)
After registering your search, you'll get an email with a confirmation link. This is a technique I use to keep up to date with less surfing. The advantage over just collecting links to various searches is that with Google Alerts, you'll only get the new and updated pages. And you get it delivered to your inbox automatically. Just make sure you make a rule to filter out those alerts to a different folder, so you can read them in a batch. The second tip is to use the firefox extension Update Scanner. I use it for web sites that both are not indexed and have no RSS feed. Examples are the forums for the delphi build tool "want".

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