Another anti-virus solution

Tried vipre yesterday on a customer pc. After a 6 minute scan it found and removed the trojan (TDSServ) that neither spybot, trend or avg managed to remove. I think it is the worst trojan I've seen so far, hiding from the Windows API, redirecting requests for security related domains to various other domains, including, if I remember correctly, qxl.no and thefreedictionary.com (instead of the usual spam search engines and spam portals). So I had to read every security site through the google cache, or from another computer. :) The reason I found vipre? Sunbelt software had posted research materials mentioning the specific trojan on their web site. I guess there is a lesson for everyone who's thinking about seo here: go ahead, post relevant stuff on your webpage. It has a strange way of attracting readers that is actually interested in the stuff you sell. After finishing the job, I bought a license, even though the trial version had fixed the problem. I guess 30$ is cheap for avoiding all the hassle with hijackthis etc, etc and going home early.

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