Why I would never choose perforce

I know two kinds of people who like perforce: People who have never tried a modern version control system, and Roall.

Perforce has one major weakness: It is very obtrusive, forcing you to "open" every file you want "for edit" every time you want to do any change to it. This basically means that perforce is very hard to use without tool support, compared to svn or git. Add to this that when eclipse europa arrived, it took 6 months before perforce released an updated plugin. The result was many crashes with lost workspace as result.

In my opinion there is one reason why anyone would choose perforce, and that is because thy are stuck with a big repository saved with perforce.

Obviously you should not take my word for this, so add a pinch of salt to my opinion, and also try some version control systems before you decide for your next project. I've liked both subversion and git (the only two other version control systemes I've used btw.) And if you like perforce, please write a post explaining why you like it, and add a comment, or you could send me a mail at erik . itland at gmail . com, cause I am stuck with perforce. (And yes, I have already tried once to find an answer.)

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