Three guys "switching to Windows"

(This post is heavily updated and is now just a list of links.)

  1. Howto switch from Linux to Windows - a users experience
  2. Switching to Windows: Not as easy as you think
  3. Is MS Windows ready for the desktop?
  4. http://www.mailinglistarchive.com/ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com/msg90388.html
  5. http://climbing-the-hill.blogspot.com/2009/06/why-windows-is-not-yet-ready-for.html (added 2009-06-13)
  6. http://basementcoders.com/?p=245 (added 2009-06-23)

You may like this articles or not, but, after having used Windows since 1995, I feel qualified to say that these post are not just funny, they are also informational and most of all they represent a refreshing change. :)

Also, if you know more articles like these, please add them below. Also add them to delicious with the keywords getthefacts windows whywindowsisnotready, vote them up digg or whatever you want and help spread the word :)

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