A very short review of the N82

I got my Nokia N82 about one year ago. Here is my short review: The good
  • Built in camera is good!
  • Build in GPS is decent. I like it. (the reason I say it's decent is that my brother, who was used to the Nokia navigator phone says the N82 it's horrible in comparison.)
  • Makes good use of features. Examples:
    • Camera can geotag pictures automatically.
    • The "Sports tracker"-program uses both GPS and motion sensor to provide detailed information.
  • Stable. (Was horribly slow a couple of days ago, but that problem disappeared after uninstalling shozu. Also this was the first time I experienced real trouble with this phone.)
  • Handles 1500 messages in sms inbox withouth a hitch.
  • You can search for keywords and the phone will find all occurrences in calendar, mail, addressbook, music etc. And it is resonably fast.
  • Go back to previous suggestion feature when writing sms
  • Syncs with eGroupware. (Takes some effort to get it right, but that is mostly because of eGroupware, not because of the phone.)
  • Alarm clock: You can choose which days it will ring.
  • You can access the phone using bluetooth easily under Linux (Ubuntu, at least.)
  • Wifi.
The bad
  • Lacks autocomplete on entering phone numbers.
  • Two needlessy easy-to-hit shortcut key to access media features.
  • If you store the same cell phone number on two contacts, just the phone number will be shown in the display, with no warnings given.
Edit 2009-05-21: Add the point about storing the same number under two contacts.

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