Spam and malware, with screenshots

Got this fake antivirus message yesterday and thought it might be worth sharing:
This one was rather well crafted, but they obviously didn't take the time to check operating system, even though they found my ip address. (See bottom left.) Here's another one. This one I got in mail a few weeks ago, from a friend who obviously got her email account stolen:

It's in norwegian, and it's readable, but it is quite obvious that she didn't write it. I guess they fed it through google translate. Translated back to english it would become something like (errors intended): "I need you help NÅ How is you? ..." Wonder what this is going to look like in a couple of years when automated translation gets getter : )

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  1. HAr fått akkuratt den samme fra en på kontaktlista mi, virker litt rart at jeg skal sende euro og det er ingen kontonummer o.O