The real reason why we don't use silverlight or flash

I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people if a say:

A lot of silverlight & flash fans are missing the point: We know about flash. It's not that we somehow do not "get" silverlight. We program Java, PHP, Python, -list goes on and for many of us also includes C# and actionscript. We do use a lot of different frameworks. Learning new stuff is part of our daily grind (and to be honest, we mostly love it.)

We also do struggle with fonts that might or might not be available, css rendered differently in IE etc. We just don't want to add dependencies to
  • big,
  • cpu-hogging,
  • closed source plugins
  • that might or might not be supported on our future favourite operating system
to our nicely crafted and cross browser compatible web sites. Hey, -we might not even be allowed by the customer to do that, and even if we were, I think most of us would explain the customer/boss in question why they should be careful to do that.

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  1. I do agree with that
    why going to closed complicated solutions where there is simple open standard like HTML5.