Copy OpenVPN settings from Tunnelblick on Mac OS X to Windows 7

I forgot the charger for my job laptop in the office today. So I spent the last few minutes of battery copying the configuration files to the pc at home.
Below is what I ended up doing:
  1. Install OpenVPN software. You can find it on the official OpenVPN site.
  2. Copy all the config files from the job laptop to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config. The job laptop uses tunnelblick, so the files was located under
    ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations
  3. Added .opvpn to the file name for the main configuration file (the one that is not .crt, .csr or .key)
  4. Change to Windows style line endings. I did this by opening the files in WordPad, copying the contents to a Notepad window and saving.
  5. Starting the client software.
Of course: There was a lot of trial and error. I guess I ended up using 30 minutes tinkering and 30 minutes blogging.
  • Make sure all line endings are corrrect. You can see this easily by opening the files in Notepad.
  • Make sure you run the OpenVPN program as administrator.


  1. Just tried this and it worked like a charm. Just one comment: the configuration files in the Mac .../Configurations directory (I had 4 files) are a couple of directory levels down. On the PC, they need to all be located in the top level of the ...\config folder, not in a subfolder of the ...\config folder.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for the post and helpful comment. It's 9/2017 and it still works

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