Review: repositoryhosting.com 5/5

I've been using repositoryhosting.com since late august last year, and it seems like now is a about time to write a very small review.

The good stuff:
  • Your choice of version control system:
    • Git
    • Mercurial
    • Subversion
  • Filestore with WebDAV included
  • Trac
    Included plugins, selectable on a project by project basis:
    • Agilo
    • Timing and Estimation
    • Discussion Forum
    • Batch Modify Tickets
    • Custom Roadmap
    • Download Releases
    • Markdown Macro
    • Spam Blocker
    • Table of Contents Macro
    • Ticket Importer
    • Wiki Backlinks Macro
    • Workflow Editor
    • Wysiwyg Editor
  • Support for incoming mail
  • Easy backups, both 
    • hosted and
    • easily downloadable (means no lock in)
  • User-friendly frontend lets you easily
    • create new repos, 
    • add users, 
    • administer permissions
    • everything else you need to do
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • The price
    • 2GB for 6$/month
    • 1$/month/additional GBs
I use it for a couple of my spare time projects and I also have a kind of GTD task list in there.

The option to create tickets by mail is also really great. I guess almost every busy person has a couple of use cases for a working automatic mail-to-task-interface.

If you have read everything  carefully so far, you'll see that there is no list of bad stuff. The reason is I haven't found anything yet. (The closest thing I can come up with is if they will manage to stay in business at this price, when everyone else needs to charge more.)  I've only used it for 6 months though, so I might have missed something.


    1. Thanks for posting. Hows the bandwith on your commits?

    2. Good question about the bandwidth, how is the bandwidth experience on commit of large portions of code?

    3. I have never noticed any problems with the bandwidth. However I only use repositoryhosting for my personal projects, none of which are bigger than 30MB in source code.

    4. I've used RepositoryHosting.com for projects up to 2Gb (lots of PSDs for games dev, team size of 25, used for 24 months). No problems, it works!

      I would second all the good things - and add that it's easy to archive projects (and therefore not pay for them to sit there) and the support was personal and responsive. It's one of those rare situations where it does seem almost too good to be true!?

      My sole complaint would be towards the speed of the web interface / Trac environment. So if using the web tool in anger you'll get more angry quick! However I've used much more expensive managed systems and would make the same complaint at them too (I won't name and shame). The solution to that is hosting a stack on your own server - sacrificing elasticity for speed. I wouldn't go back to that.


      1. So far, I really like repositoryhosting.com. However, I think it's kind of slow (especially for hg commits). I did two hg clones from identical large repos to benchmark the site. I tested kilnhg and repositoryhosting.com. The repo was around 111M and took almost 9 minutes to clone. The same clone from Kilnhg took about 4 minutes. Cloning a git version of the repository was as expected faster, however: 3m12s from repositoryhosting.com.