Review: Flexiglass 5/5

If you are a Mac user that have spent any time on recent desktop Linux, chances are you will be missing Compiz-like window management.

(On a side note: Even Windows converts may be missing some niceties such as double click to maximize, or resize by any corner or window edge that wasn't added until Lion.)

I bought a Flexiglass license a couple of months ago and I love it. Flexiglass offers:
  • Move a window using alt + two fingers (think alt-dragging in gnome/kde)
  • Resize using alt + three fingers (Mac OS X > 10.7 can't resize a window by dragging any corner/border) 
  • Real maximize by right clicking the plus button (Make a window fill the screen, instead of leaving to the window manager to guess how much space it needs. )
  • Real close by two finger clicking the cross button. (Actually closes the application instead of closing the window and leaving the application running.)
  • Shortcuts for resize/move to specified postitions. Nice for when you want a howto and a terminal side by side.
I have a Divvy-license from before but after I started using Flexiglass I don't need it anymore as Flexiglass offers all I used Divvy for and more.

Below are some screenshots from the settings to show the configurability of Flexiglass:

Basic settings for Move and Resize. The settings are customizable for both mouse and trackpad and Flexiglass automatiaclly changes profile when you attach or remove a mouse. Nice!
The exceptions list: I don't need it but I figure graphical artists might need to be able to use the mouse together with modifier keys in some applications without activating Flexiglass.

I thought I'd use the "Real Zoom" and the "Real Close" features a lot, but as it turns out I end up double clicking in the window title bar to maximize it instead. On the other hand I use the Quick Layout Shortcuts a lot for example to tile up two shells at the right of the screen and the documentation on the left

Autostart? Yes!

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