Ubuntu on GIGABYTE ga-73pvm-s2h

(Updated information is available here.)
I recently installed a new computer with Silverstone SST-LC17 case, GIGABYTE ga-73pvm-s2h mainboard, 4 GB RAM and Intel Core 2 processor. The power supply was a Fortron Source Zen 300W. The computer was built from a recommendation from hardware.no, who also suggested that the pc should work with mythbuntu. After I've testet it, my conclusion is that it will need a better power supply some day. As of now, it sometimes won't start properly before I disconnect the network and some external usb-cables. After booting however it works smooth. The next problem was that the video drivers wouldn't work out of the box with both ubuntu and mythbuntu. I also tested with fedora, and in fedora everything just worked. However, installing mythtv on fedora seemed to be a rather cumbersome unless you can live with fedora 6, so I reistalled mythbuntu, and this time I found envy, which solved my video driver problems. I've been a little concerned about how the mainboard would work with linux, but now everything is running smooth.

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