Delphi 6 and Perforce

Using Delphi 6 with Perforce can be a cumbersome process. Coming from Eclipse I'm used to having the IDE opening the files for edit. Last week I tried to get Delphi to do the same. Here's what I did:

  1. Search for delphi perforce 6
  2. First result: Chris Fairall's Home Page - Delphi
  3. Dowloading, compiling and installing, gives a new menu:
  4. I tried to click logout on the new menu. That was stupid. Trying to login again I got this message box:
  5. Agent Ransack, search for files containing ExplicitTop. Thats FormLogin.dfm
  6. Open in notepad++, remove both occurrences of ExplicitTop
  7. Return to Delphi. Recompile, install, login.
  8. It works! I can log back in. Now if could only remember the password : )

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